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Jessie Kay – CEO and Founder, Matchmaker

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I have been a Director/Matchmaker for over 18+ wonderful years.

My dating service ventures began with Great Expectations, the largest and oldest dating service in the nation. I believed at the start, as I do today, that helping others find love is my calling and my passion.

I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, and I have embodied my traditional values and commitment to helping others first into my approach to matchmaking. What can I say…I love to love! The joke in my family is, “Don’t give Jessie a ring, ‘cause she’ll marry you!”

I often see the world through rose colored glasses, don’t let my small town roots fool you…I will whip you into shape when it comes to finding love and keeping it. I will give you a little bit of what you want and a whole lot of what you need!

There are eight points in my Relationship Pie that enable me to successfully match singles: Family, Interests, Intimacy, Spirituality, Lifestyle habits, Financial habits, Psychological habits and Emotional habits. It is through identifying these eight key points that I have created 100’s of relationships and many, many marriages.

I am “The Real Matchmaker;” a relationship and dating coach, a soulmate scout, a Los Angeles/OC singles’ events host, and a confidant for my clients. I take great pride getting to know you and creating a desirable dating plan that works. I will not only help you find love, I will walk through the relationship with you, giving you real dating tips and advice, fun “sexy” pointers and constructive feedback.
I believe that my job as a matchmaker is one of the most important jobs a person could have. From when I gave a toast to my first married couple back in 1998 to when I held my first matchmaking God son in my arms, I look back on my past present and future journeys finding people love and feel immensely blessed. I make dreams come true…I make love happen!


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